Event Management blog series – Where does creativity come from?

Written by Kathy Cunningham, empire PR


If you are struggling to solve a problem or come up with a really amazing idea for your next event, how do you do this?

How much time do you spend brainstorming and just not coming up with the right answer?

Although I am a strong proponent of group discussions to debate, think and play with an idea, I also believe that shower moments are significant!

When was the last time you had an ‘AHA’ or ‘Eureka’ moment?  Where were you when this occurred? I will take an educated guess that you were out for a walk, taking a bath or thinking of something else.

So, where do these ideas come from?  I believe that creativity is all around us – in the music we listen to, the images that inspire us and the people that challenge and support us to do great things.

We have so much information in our brain, and so we concentrate on the thing we are trying to solve. However, I have found that when we walk away from our desks, the solution comes.

I hope that I am not making this sound too easy, it isn’t. Finding the right creative solution takes time, practice and perfecting the art of play.  This is something we will focus on during the Event Management Master Class.

Kathy will be presenting the ‘Event Management Master Class’ course on 15 October. Register here.

Image credit: iStock

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