Event Management blog series – We need to celebrate more

Written by Kathy Cunningham, empire PR

Business concept vector illustration: Teamwork is a winning combination

I have been spending time in Whanganui facilitating a series of Event Management Training Sessions to an eclectic, interesting and passionate group of people.

During the last of the four sessions, we celebrated the team of people who have recently won “Best Regional Event” at the NZAEP Awards. The Cemetery Circuit is a motorcycle race held on Boxing Day since 1951 that brings international media attention and generates economic activity to Whanganui.

As our group learned more about the event and the challenges they faced we also celebrated their successes – the award, history, heritage, passion and determination to succeed.

When was the last time you recognised all the hard work and said thanks to your team and stakeholders?

What will you do to celebrate your next event success?

In this series of blogs, we will look at several topics that will be covered in the Event Management workshop hosted by PRINZ and facilitated by me! Next week’s blog will look at the challenges we face when organising an event.

Kathy will be presenting the ‘Event Management Master Class’ course on 15 October. Register here.

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