Useful insights for newbies to PR and Comms

Written by Luciana Hoffmann Nunes, PRINZ Student Ambassador


In 2015 PRINZ introduced a ‘PRINZ Student Ambassador Programme’ to increase engagement with students and, in addition to the Graduate Member class, give them a membership pathway. The programme gives students a head-start in the industry, encouraging them to participate in the PRINZ community. This blog post is written by Luciana Hoffman Nunes, PRINZ Student Ambassador at Unitec University, Auckland.

Are you relatively new to PR and Communications and want to get a job and succeed in this career?  Great! Here, I share with you some useful insights I got after attending the Young Professionals PRINZ Event in Auckland in September. Panellists Jessica Salamonsz, Blind Foundation; Amy Hacon, Hotwire PR; Rebecca Foote, SKYCITY Entertainment group; Hazel Buckingham, SenateSHJ and Courtney Bennet, Spark New Zealand offered tips and career advice in a discussion facilitated by Louisa Jones, Porter Novelli.

First things first. Undoubtedly, it’s necessary to understand the basic stuff such as what PR and Communications actually are and why you want to work in this industry.  For example, do you know you can work for a PR agency with a range of clients, or you can be an in-house PR practitioner? To get to know your possibilities, try to be involved in extra activities and go to events, conferences and networking meetings.

Ok, now, you need to put yourself more out there. Put your name in any internship or job opportunity. When you apply for a job, you also need to know about the organisation or the agency you want to work for. Explore their website and social media activities; send an email to their Comms team. Show your interest beforehand. And of course, make the best presentation of yourself. Having a top CV and cover letter is the key. Keep in mind, the simpler, the better. Follow up after you apply for any vacancy. Persist!

In the interviews, create a conversation, “be hungry”, have your own questions and stories to tell. You can keep interview diaries as well to learn from what you did and how you can improve it.

When you finally get a job, remember it’s all about being committed, proactive, listening to others and having an open mind, but doing what’s manageable.  Prove your worth by paying attention to details and proposing new things.

All of this is useful, but the essential value is being yourself. So, don’t worry, there are multiple ways to succeed in PR and Comms!


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One thought on “Useful insights for newbies to PR and Comms

  1. Great comments Luciana. Yes, being proactive about approaching people and putting yourself out there can be daunting but can also pay off if you have the goods to back it up

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