PR’s about relationships – Behaviour not publicity

Written by Bruce Fraser FPRINZ, PRINZ President. Sourced from ‘The Friday PR Tip’ blog, to subscribe to this please email Bruce.

Stand out speaker at the World PR Forum in Madrid was Paul Holmes, CEO of The Holmes Group. He brought PR right down to the critical essentials – it’s about managing relationships and is not about publicity or earned media.

As PR practitioners we haven’t always shown CEOs the real value that we can add. Here are some of the key points from Paul Holmes’ plenary session.

  • PR is about defining the relationship between an organisation and its various publics that impact on its outcome
  • Brand building is becoming more about engagement with stakeholders than advertising and marketing
  • Brand is not what you say about yourself but, in these days of burgeoning social media, what your stakeholders say about you
  • Employees are critical brand ambassadors so great internal communication is vital

​Some of the CEOs that I speak with see PR only as helping promote their companies or gaining media coverage. My challenge is to work with them to show that PR will achieve much more in helping them build stronger relationships with their various stakeholders.

Bruce Fraser FPRINZ,  will be presenting at an upcoming PRINZ course ‘Stakeholder Engagement and Community Relations’.Please register here by Monday 13 July to secure your place.

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