My new favourite digital reporting tools

Penny Arrowsmith, Communications advisor, PRINZ

One of the great benefits of working at PRINZ is the ability, and encouragement to attend plenty of professional development courses. PR Summer Camp was the first course I attended. This jammed-packed course covered everything from the traditional – creating new stories – to the latest developments in social media, blogging and even Snapchat. As well, the two day course covered protecting reputation, unravelling search engine optimisation, measurement and evaluation resources and tips for making the most of all media channels.

Being new to the world of public relations and communication it was great for me to see that what I learnt through my university studies was considered best practice in the ‘real world’ and not an ivory tower ideal.

Personally, I’m very interested in everything digital – blogging, social media – but also finding ways to evaluate this information and report it in dynamic ways. So instead of tabling papers at a meeting there are sites such as where campaign information can be collated and presented visually or which shows how tweets are performing. is a great resource too as it shows how your content is shared through social media. My favourite resource is an ‘easy to use infographic creator’.


Thanks to Catherine Arrow for putting on a great two days. If you have been using any of these tools or have others to recommend let me know.

Look out for the 2016 PR Summer Camp series in January next year! Register your interest by emailing and we’ll let you know when it opens for registrations.

One thought on “My new favourite digital reporting tools

  1. Thank you for a great article on new digital reporting tools. I just finished a course on social media in my graduate program and we were introduced Storify, but I had no idea these other tools existed! Twazzup and Buzzsumo will be great for social media monitoring–which I do for my job daily, while I think Piktochart will come in handy for any future presentations I might have. Thank you again for sharing!

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