Ethics remain hot media topic

Bruce Fraser, PRINZ President 

The behaviours of PR practitioners continue to come under the media spotlight with features in North & South Magazine and Radio NZ’s Media Watch.

I believe that our Code of Ethics provides a very clear guideline for us all in how we conduct our communications management practices. The recent video featuring Life member and past President Tim Marshall sets out the principles and guidelines of the Code succinctly. The recent World PR Forum in Madrid took the theme Communication with Conscience and we heard from many speakers about the erosion of trust that people have in governments, businesses and organisations. One of our roles as PR professionals is to be the conscience of our organisations – we have a duty to help restore some of the lost trust for our employers and clients.

With many PR practitioners now in senior positions and able to influence company strategy and culture, we can help build authenticity through high quality, open, transparent communications. We’ve moved away from the role Global Alliance Chair Anne Gregory describes as SOS – Sending Out Stuff – to being integrated across all tables in our organisations, not just the executive table.

We need to see ourselves as agents of change, where we bring the outside in and conduct ourselves ethically. We don’t pay bloggers to misrepresent our clients’ interests, we don’t assume false identities to comment on issues and we don’t engage in personal attacks on opponents to our causes, services or products.

We continue to provide top quality communications that are grounded in best practice, sound theory, experience and ethical stances.



One thought on “Ethics remain hot media topic

  1. As an undergraduate PR student currently studying in my final year, this topic is something that our lecturers have emphasised to us massively!

    ‘providing top quality communications that are grounded in best practice, sound theory, experience and ethical stances’ – great statement to comply with as a PR practitioner!

    #disagreewithmeethics – Stephanie

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