Proud to be a PRINZ member

Simone Bell, PRINZ Member since 2000, and PRINZ Chief Executive

It’s been suggested to me that the industry thinks ‘it’s all fine’ and the activities described in ‘Dirty Politics’ aren’t an issue.

This is not the case.

Public relations and communication management is complex and often takes place around issues, rapidly moving situations, change and long term planning. To the general public (members have told me of their neighbours, family or colleagues questioning what they do) the contents of some of ‘Dirty Politics’ has created an unjustified perception of ‘what we do’ as PR practitioners (put simply it’s; building and sustaining the relationships and reputation necessary to maintain a license to operate).

I know that PRINZ members do great work. The past three years’ Award case study compilation alone demonstrates that. The case studies of Award finalists acknowledge and celebrate work that changes organisations, businesses and society for the better. The work of our members also informs, educates, cares and entertains. The PRINZ Awards are just one example of a time that I am very proud of the industry and the great work done by members.

Every week I hear from members who send me their success stories and how these contribute to society. Members also readily and proudly tell me in person about their work and sometimes want to share their experience with a wider network of members to help them learn and develop.

Learning and development are vital to a profession, and hundreds of the 1,200 PRINZ members take part in courses, APR accreditation, RIVER CPD, events and Awards for that very reason.

Please remember and take heart in the fact that the sign of your professionalism is your voluntary membership of PRINZ. By joining PRINZ we have all signed up to the PRINZ Code of Ethics, which is a reference to guide behaviour and decision-making. It also demonstrates to the wider public our commitment to good practice. The opportunity we now have as an industry and as a profession is to reinforce and reiterate the Code to anyone willing to listen.

In the past week I have read pieces that reinforce our role as ethical and professional. I would love to see PRINZ members contribute similarly, here, on their own forum (blogs and websites) and provide a balance to the wider discussion.

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