Volunteering – a way to ‘give back’ that provides opportunities

Alexander Danne, PRINZ Intern.

When I was 15-years-old I applied for a high school exchange programme, which ultimately changed the course of my life. I was invited to a panel interview and I was very nervous about the whole process. The interview started and the five panellists introduced themselves. They all had very different careers and ambitions, but they all had one thing in common: they all volunteered for YFU (Youth for Understanding – an exchange organisation) and said that they had been exchange students and that they wanted to give something back to the organisation as well as to society and that is why they became volunteers. When I returned from my own exchange I stayed with the organisation and volunteered for it as well. Now, a good ten years later, I am still with YFU and I still like the work – I still like to ‘give back’.

Alexander at PRConf14 with Deborah Rolland, Senior Lecturer, Unitec.

Alexander at PRConf14 with Deborah Rolland, Senior Lecturer, Unitec.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to contribute to society, and also a way to step up, earn responsibility and prove yourself to you and others. Some of my time I volunteer for PRINZ and that provided me with the opportunity to stand out to the PRINZ team. Eventually our professional relationship developed and now I am a member of the PRINZ office, which I am grateful for and proud of. I found my way to a professional career though volunteering and in my opinion that is a good start, because I chose the organisation I volunteer for based on a great interest. Through my studies I get the impression that a number of young professionals struggle to find their careers and therefore I can encourage everyone to step up and become a volunteer in order to find an area of interest. Maybe you can contribute to society at the same time and maybe you can find your career path and engage in it – I can recommend you try.

I personally like volunteering, because it provides you with the opportunity to ‘give something back’ to society and at the same time you can contribute to a better society. Further, volunteering holds a lot of opportunities and for a graduate student like me it is a perfect chance to engage in the professional environment. Go for it!

Volunteering with PRINZ – There are many ways in which members give their time and expertise to support PRINZ. If you would like to volunteer we would love to hear from you. We invite you to complete the online form to let us know the areas you are interested in.

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