40th PRINZ Awards Facebook Live Chat

Rebecca Foote, Communications Advisor – Membership at PRINZ.

On Tuesday 4 March 2014, PRINZ hosted a Facebook Live Chat with Chief Judge Anna Radford and the Awards team, Rebecca and Simone.40th PRINZ Awards

Members took the opportunity to ask questions related specifically to their entry. PRINZ also posted some top tips for entry throughout the chat. To view the Live Chat on Facebook, click here. A summary is below.

Top tip 1 – It’s easier to prepare your ‪#‎prinzawards draft offline, using spell check and word count.

Top tip 2 – Entries close at 4pm this year – on Monday 17 March and remember there are no extensions.

Top tip 3 – Use the ‘upload files’ link on your online entry form to upload visuals, logos and images related to your entry. These files will not be judged but may be used for the ‪#‎prinzawards ‘best of’ case studies compilation.

Top tip 4 – Was your ‪#‎prinzawards entry completed by a team? Use the ‘contributors’ link on your online entry form to add team members from your organisation. You will be asked to identify if the team member was the lead on the project or a contributor. Email the PRINZ office to add team members who are not from your organisation.

Top tip 5 – Ensure someone else reads your entry before you submit it – preferably someone who was not involved in the project to cast a fresh eye over it.

Top tip 6 – Remember there is a strict word count limitation on entries, so use each section’s score allocation as a guideline on how much information to provide.

Q: Hey PRINZ, I’m still a bit unsure about the difference between Marketing PR & Marketing Integrated – can you please provide a bit more info about how to decide if the entry fits the Marketing Integrated category?

A: The ‘Marketing Communications – Integrated’ category is for entrants who were responsible for the public relations component of a project, AND at least one other discipline – such as but not limited to, social media, advertising or marketing/experiential.
If the campaign itself was integrated but you only worked on the public relations component it may be best suited to ‘Marketing Communications – PR’ category.

Q: Thinking about the ‘Not for profit’ category: we are using training sessions to improve member compliance. These also enhance relationships and reputation. Does this kind of training count as experiential communication for the awards?

A: When we use the term ‘Experiential’ we are referring to marketing-related comms or product promotion pr. The training scenario you describe here should include in your entry along with the other communication channels used.

Q: Hi there. I’m keen to get further elaboration on what you need in the ‘acknowledgment of other disciplines’ section at the end, and the purpose of this optional question, to help me answer it in the most helpful way for the judges.

A: In this section you will need to state the role of any other communication or related discipline involved. For example, advertising, marketing, direct marketing, digital, experiential, social media etc. You must answer this section and if there were no other disciplines involved you will need to state this. The purpose of this section is to inform the judges of the context and degree of the PR practitioners involvement in the work entered.

Follow up question: The degree of OTHER practitioner’s involvement?

A: You can acknowledge other PR practitioners who contributed to the project by adding them as ‘contributors’ to the project. Please view the instructions on how to do this by clicking the ‘contributors’ link on your online entry. Remember: only contributors who are PRINZ members will be acknowledged on the Award if you are a finalist, highly commended or winner.

Q: We would like to enter an experiential campaign into the special event or project category. Our brief was to drive trial and improve preference scores for two particular products solely through experiential activity. Would this be an appropriate category to enter this in to? Our sole remit was to drive trial and increase preference so did not include traditional PR requirements e.g. media engagement.

A: Based on what you say here this could be entered in Special event/project or possibly Marketing Communications – PR. Are you able to give a brief indication of the type of experiential activity involved so we can be more specific in our advice? Anna

Follow up question:  More specifically this involved encouraging the public to physically trial the products by working with a promotional team in a targeted location.

A: In this case, we think Special Event/Project is best suited.

Q: I am the only member of PRINZ at my organisation, but this was a communications team project. Can I make the entry on the team’s/organisation’s behalf?

A: You will need to be very clear about your role so the judges understand the degree and nature of your contribution. You can add non-members as ‘contributors’ at the time of entry but they will not be recognised as winners. Of course, our advice would be for the team to join PRINZ 🙂

Q: For the limited budget category, does the budget need to cover the integrated project as a whole, or can it be for the PR specific element – including any PR related fixed/hard costs?

A: It is the judges expectation that the PR component is not disproportionately smaller than the projects other elements. PR, including any giveaways and promotions, should not exceed $10,000.

Follow up question: I take it we do not have to calculate the value of our time (working in-house).

A: The description of the category does state “so that there is a level playing field between in-house practitioners and consultancies, the budget must include hours involved and the financial value (internal employee cost) of those hours.” For in-house where time sheets may not be kept, an indication of hours will be sufficient.

Follow up question: We tend to have significantly smaller budgets in comparison to other campaign elements Despite PR playing a major role from the start. Do we then need to enter these sorts of projects into Integrated Marketing Communications?

A: It is hard to know without the detail, but if a project has a large overall budget, despite your portion being limited (less than $10k) it would likely not be in the ‘spirit’ of the limited budget category. See categories here for more options: http://www.prinz.org.nz/Category?Action=View&Category_id=115

Q: Hi, we have two projects in mind for the Government or Quasi Government Public Relations section, one of which may have only a part-PR component, will this be a problem? Or should any entry be PR-centric?

A:  That won’t be a problem provided that you are clear about PR’s role within the campaign’s wider context. Your entry should focus on the PR portion of the campaign. But do acknowledge the other disciplines where relevant.

Q: If we are a local government organisation, but our project fits both the government/quasi government PR, and the special event or project criteria do you have any recommendations on which category we should enter?

A: A close read of the category descriptors will help you decide the best fit. You could also take a look here for an analysis of categories entered over the past few years: http://www.prinz.org.nz/Category?Action=View&Category_id=233

Thanks everyone for joining this live chat on the ‪#‎prinzawards. Good luck!

For more information on the PRINZ Awards see the Awards section of the PRINZ website.

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