Introducing our PRINZ intern – Alexander Danne

Alexander Danne, PRINZ Intern

In July 2012 I graduated from the University of Vienna with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communicational Science with a major in Public Alexander DanneRelations and Market Research. During my studies I developed an international focus, which lead me to an exchange semester in Istanbul, Turkey and to a role as a delegate, sent from the German government to represent the German youth society in Japan.

Currently I am studying Master of International Communication in the postgraduate programme at Unitec Institute of Technology. The new perspective I gain on my majors, my studies and in general on the European lifestyle by studying in New Zealand is refreshing and challenging at the same time. I appreciate my new perception especially in the field of tertiary education. Unitec values the relationship it has to the actual working environment, I am grateful for it, that is how I got to know about PRINZ.

However, before I came to New Zealand I gained a first impression of the industry by working in public relations in Berlin. I joined BDEW (German Association of Energy and Water Industries) and experienced the benefits and challenges of a corporate organisation dealing with the power and electricity market in Germany and Europe. Germany is the first industrialised country which plans to exit the nuclear power plant sector. During my time at BDEW I was able to get a glimpse of the complexity public relations faces in today’s political and economic environment.

Besides my studies I like to practice all kinds of sports. Thanks to the great New Zealand environment I started diving and I am enjoying myself exploring the underwater world of this beautiful county. Last November I participated in my first Marathon and I am eager to beat my time (4:10:32) in Rotorua this May. Along with my dedication to sports I like to volunteer for YFU (Youth for Understanding). YFU is a youth exchange organisation which gives students the opportunity to spend a high school year in in a different culture. I enjoy my time with YFU, mainly because it reminds me of my own exchange when I was younger.

Last year I had the great opportunity to join PRINZ and this year I was able to become a part of the National Office team. Together we launched the PRINZ website. The opportunities PRINZ offers its members are outstanding and I am proud to be a part of team that provides such bright prospects. Next to the website I support Rebecca with membership management and Shayna with event organisation, which gives me a great overview of PRINZ and its members. This year I will join PRINZ as an intern and contribute to the Conference as well as to the Annual Review. I am excited to take part in such events and work on the overall PRINZ experience. I am looking forward to the time ahead!

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