Writing out loud and engaging in professional development

Shayna de la Rue, PRINZ Communications Advisor – CPD

“I really regret enhancing my future career prospects” said no one ever.

Without a doubt, my greatest accomplishments as a communications student were always a result of engaging in external projects or networking events. This eagerness to expand my career prospects was fuelled once again when I began planning my professional development goals for RIVER CPD 2014.

I want to be a sponge

Writing my RIVER CPD plan, I searched for the right words to express – in a professional manner – ‘I want to learn everything’. So I posed a question to my colleague Rebecca, “What was your professional development objective in 2013?”

“Basically, I wanted to be a sponge” – Wise words from one of my greatest mentors. It was encouraging to find out I wasn’t the only optimistic graduate aiming to accomplish more of an elaborate mission than a “SMART” objective in my first year in the industry!

2014 – Year two of life in ‘the real world’

As we all know, one of life’s greatest challenges is returning to the office after the summer holiday period (or so it feels at the time). We all have to transition back to work-mode eventually and this year I was able to find a fantastic way to do so – attending the PRINZ PR Summer Camp.

Day two of PR Summer Camp covered one topic in particular that had me captivated from start to end – ‘Best practice blogging’. Exploring and engaging in various writing channels and formats that are new to me tops my list of professional development goals for 2014.

So I made the decision that blogging is an ideal starting point, after reading this explanation by Andrew Sullivan, influential blogger and commentator.

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.”

Shayna de la Rue, Influential blogger – only time will tell!

“What contribution can I make to the profession in 2014?” As I enter my 23rd year of life, I wouldn’t imagine my personal contribution to the PR profession over the next 11 months is expected to be particularly extraordinary. One thing I can do however is share my learning experiences with you as I engaging in professional development activity, in the hopes that I will inspire students and other young practitioners to join me.

An opinion to ponder…

‘…an identical spoken and written language would be practically intolerable; if we spoke as we write we should find no one to listen; and if we wrote as we speak we would find no one to read. The spoken and written language must not be too near together, as they must not be too far apart’ – T S Elliot.

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