Guest blog 3 from Tandem Studios: The power of re-purposing content

Dave Dunlay, Managing Director of Tandem Studios

One of the traditional objections to using video as part of a communications or marketing strategy has been that it’s costly. These days, however, there has been a paradigm shift when it comes to video for three key reasons.

Firstly it’s easy for anyone to create a video these days. Depending on how you want to utilise video, anything from a video taken on someone’s mobile phone through to a multi-camera shoot may fit your plan.

Secondly anyone can share video. With the advent of YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms anyone can broadcast content. You don’t have to buy expensive slots on broadcast television. You can host your own video content and attract your audience to it.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s easy to re-purpose video content for use via a variety of media platforms – as long as you plan well.  Here are some ways that you can re-purpose content:

  •  You can take still photos from your video footage for use on Facebook or your website
  • You can transcribe the audio and use that for media releases, testimonials, social media posts or other written content
  • You can use the audio as a podcast

Video used online can also be used as a sales tool for trade shows or in sales presentations. Content from one well-planned video shoot can be spun out in a variety of forms across multiple platforms. It really can be an extremely cost-effective way to create high-impact content with longevity. One of the other benefits is that you create content that appeals to a wide variety of people – those who are visual, those who like to listen and those who like to read or a combination of all three.

The key to re-purposing content effective is good planning!

Have a look at a case study of re-purposing content for Education New Zealand…

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