MCSA PRINZ Trip blog 2

PR can take you anywhere!
Melissa Wood

As an undergraduate communication student at Waikato University, I continue to be amazed by the variety and opportunities a career in the communication industry presents.

On Friday 16th August PRINZ organised a trip for MCSA members to visit Auckland communication professionals (thanks PRINZ!). We visited members in the communication industry ranging from a PR agency; Eleven PR, a government organisation; NZTA, a corporate business; Westpac, and also heard tips from a recruitment agency; Velocity.

While all people we spoke to are in the field of communication, all have taken their careers in different directions. There seems to be so many paths a PR career can take, and I am constantly learning about different areas of communication. You can work in government communications, in a business corporate job or in a not-for-profit organisation, and that’s just the beginning!

PR presents opportunities to work on such exciting campaigns, work with a huge range of people and different organisations, as well as travel!

One challenge all members of the communication industry face, and a thing I love about PR, is the constant challenge to be current in a fast moving industry. I am excited by the idea that I will be forever learning and challenged throughout my career.

Visiting different communication organisations makes you think about ideas that aren’t always mentioned in a university lecture hall. Where do I want my career to go and how do I get there?

I am lucky I have chosen such an awesome industry to be a part of. While I don’t graduate until half way through next year I’m excited to absorb all that I can about the industry and will continue to watch, practice and learn.

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