Strategy vs. Tactics – getting it right for career success

Bruce Fraser, Fraser Consultants Ltd

Not sure about the difference between PR strategy and tactics? Want to advance your career in PR? Keen to improve your award entry? Interested in making a stronger PR contribution in your business or organisation?

This course focuses on how to align the best of PR practices with business and organisational goals to add real value and play a proactive part in business success. Move from being the reactive PR advisor who writes the media releases, updates web content, organises events and develops brochures when directed by a manager. You will leave with skills and understanding equipping you to play a larger part with your clients or within your organisation.

The PR Strategy course will be particularly useful to those who’ve spent a few years learning and practising the skills and now are ready to make more of a contribution through the addition of sound strategy.

There’s a little theory but the real value will come through guided learning by doing. You’ll look at some great award-winning PRINZ entries, move from nailing the brief to assessing the outcomes and reinforce all the best bits of the PR planning process.

To hear more from Facilitator, Bruce Fraser, read ‘From the horse’s mouth’ on his blog here.

The course is practical, fun and structured for a valuable day’s learning.

–       Register now for PR Strategy and Planning in Wellington on 24 July.

–       Register now for PR Strategy and Planning in Auckland on 31 July.

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