PRINZ Conference 2013 blog 4 – The power of the visual

Jacquie Walters APR, Principal of WaltersPR

Returning to Christchurch for the PRINZ conference was an interesting experience, having relocated from the city just over a year ago. I wasn’t sure how I would feel seeing the city itself let alone attending earthquake-related presentations.

There seems to be less of the central city that I grew up with every time I visit Christchurch but still plenty to see and enjoy – thanks to effort of Gap Filler and others.

As it turned out it was non-earthquake related presentations at conference that ended up being the most memorable for me. Hilary Souter from the Advertising Standards Authority was hilarious and informative – and an unexpected highlight in terms of her sheer skill as a presenter.

Martin Coates, BECA

Martin Coates, BECA

The power and importance of visual forms of communication was emphasised by the dynamic duo of Dave Dunlay from Tandem Studios (who for transparency I must acknowledge as a client) and Martin Coates from BECA. Martin gave the phrase ‘the little black book’ a whole new meaning and I have been thinking in icons and about translating words into pictures since his talk.

Fiona Cassidy also reinforced the power of the visual with her moving video footage from the tangi of New Zealand’s fallen servicewoman Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker. In particular I found her statement about content being produced first and foremost for the Defence Force members and their families very thought provoking. Perhaps it is the integrity of that process that really makes the content itself so powerful for a wider audience.The opportunity to catch up ‘ kanohi ki te kanohi’ with fellow professionals was invaluable  – there really is nothing like being in the same space with people to reinforce existing professional relationships and forge new connections.

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