PRINZ Conference 2013 blog 2 – PRINZ Awards: Black tie optional

PRINZ Awards: Black tie optional
Simone Bell, PRINZ CEO

“Although PRINZ and I are delighted at the large number of award entries this year, it’s not just about numbers, it’s about spirit.  And this year’s entries demonstrated the considerable spirit, dedication and talent within our profession.  It’s testament to an industry that is indeed in excellent heart,”

PRINZ Awards chief judge Anna Radford

ImageDays, weeks and months of planning and preparation was upon us, and I was in a taxi riding down bumpy lanes in the chill of a Canterbury evening dressed in a thin summer dress on my way to the 39th PRINZ Annual Awards. Who made the dress code ‘Glam as you like, black tie optional’?

Arriving at beautiful Larcomb Events Centre made it all worthwhile and what followed was a night of song (thank you Christchurch Pops Choir – from Gaga to Gershwin it certainly was) celebration, great PR campaigns, happy winners and even dancing ‘til midnight.

The PRINZ Awards saw 58 unique entries, 23 finalists, 11 category winners and one ultimate Supreme Award winner. Read the results here. These entries were judged by 35 PRINZ Members, Fellows and Life members, and one international judge.

Of the judging, Awards chief judge and Fellow, Anna Radford, said in her opening remarks:

Sometimes the winning entry stood out.  In other cases things were less clear cut. 

In some cases it was very difficult for judges to choose between entries, which is why it is vital for entrants to follow the entry form brief because this can literally make the difference between being a winner or highly commended – and not.

But what remained constant were the robust judging process applied and the care and consideration that judges gave to assessing entries.

And what a variety entries there were, covering an impressive range of topics. 

There was plenty of creative and intelligent thinking in evidence, effective delivery and excellent value delivered to your employers and clients. 

We can justifiably be proud of our profession.”

The effort and work attributed to Awards is huge and it’s worth it – the photos are evidence of that.

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