PRINZ Awards 2013 Facebook LiveChat

By PRINZ Office

On Mondauntitledy 18 February 2013, the 39th Annual PRINZ Awards opened. PRINZ Chief Judge Anna Radford, Chief Executive Simone Bell and Awards Coordinator Rebecca Foote came together via Live Chat on Facebook to answer members’ burning questions about the 2013 Awards, from new categories to entry format. To view the LiveChat on Facebook, click here.


Q: Just wondering if we have to submit the entry in your form template – or can we provide it in our own format as long as the questions are clearly stated and it’s within the word count?

A: Please submit the entry in the PRINZ online form. The online form is important for our judging process and also avoids any application compatibility issues.


Q: This question is in regards to the new rule that we can only enter into one category – does PRINZ have a person that we could talk to that could provide advice on which category might be best for our entry if we are unsure?

A: We would be happy to help you decide which category is most appropriate. Just email Rebecca at the PRINZ Office,


Q: Can the details of a winning entry remain confidential at the client’s request? I.e. just print the summary and not the full detail in the case studies handbook?

A: Yes.


Q: Can we enter the launch of a new campaign in the Marketing Communications – Integrated category? Ours has elements of advertising, marketing, PR as well as digital.

A: Yes, but it is important to check that your entry meets the category’s criteria and is the best fit. You also may wish to consider the Special Event or Project Category instead.


Q: What if it is a launch of an advertising campaign that is well supported by PR and digital?

A: When deciding on which category to enter, rather than focusing on what you are launching, look at how you are launching it and the extent to which it meets the criteria for the category you are considering. Feel free to get in touch if you are still unsure.


Q: Can we enter the special event/project category for the work we did as sponsors of an event (as opposed to organisers)?

A: It is difficult to provide an accurate answer without having more information.

If this question applies to you, please contact the office to discuss.


Tip from Anna: Judges are looking for high professional standards in entries and will deduct marks for spelling and grammatical errors. PRINZ suggests always getting your entry proof-read and peer-reviewed. Before submitting an entry, ask yourself: would I send this to a client?


Q: What would be the most important piece of advice you would give to people entering the awards this year?

A: It is important to clearly articulate objectives rather than tactics (judges are looking for SMART objectives). These are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound. It is also important to be thorough when completing the Evaluation and Follow Up section (remember this is worth 15 marks). In this section judges are looking for what the next steps are, e.g. post-testing, evaluating results and future plans.


Q: Will you be holding an Awards workshop like last year?  I’m interested in entering, but I’ve never entered before and I’d love some guidance.

A: This year we are providing guidance through this live chat. We do have the Top Ten Tips from last year’s workshop if you would like to view them here.


For more information about the 2013 PRINZ Awards, click here.

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