PRINZ at the WPRF 2012: Campaign Strategy Masterclass

Simone Bell, PRINZ Chief Executive

Presenter Chris Rose started by disclosing his nervousness at the word; ‘Masterclass’ to attendees. He shouldn’t have been worried. Attendees were given a look into the art of instrumental campaign creation. In this context the meaning of ‘Campaign’ being different to a project or a piece of work. More, a politically motivated action – public politics – to achieve an end result that couldn’t be achieved in any other way. How do you know if it couldn’t be achieved in any other way? You try first. As Rose said, ‘If there’s a non-campaign way, try it first.’

At the core of his campaign development model is a Communications strategy, which provides an evaluatable skeleton for the campaign. Pre and post research is vital to the process.

His campaign strategy methodology cannot be adequately conveyed in a blog; visit , Rose’s free campaign planning website, and associated blog. In my view, to be proficient and skilled in the application of Campaign strategy at least the 10,000 hours (as in, you need to do something for 10,000 hours before you will be skilled at it) will be required. But don’t let that put you off, the principles can be applied no matter what your ‘campaign’ or project.

Some key points from Rose:

  • KISS – communicators know a lot, you don’t need to tell everyone everything though.
  • Start from where your audinece is, not where you want them to be.
  • Move through the plan step by step – don’t jump to the end, and don’t reveal a step before you need to.
  • Be visual.
  • Tell stories using real people.
  • Create new frames of understanding, don’t use old ones and expect new understanding.

To learn more or get new inspiration, visit the sites below: (take the quick values test)

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