PRINZ at the WPRF 2012: Association Leaders’ Day

Simone Bell, Chief Executive

PRINZ was invited to present at a 1/2 day session where industry associations and insistutes from around the world (all Global Alliance members) met to share insights and challenges unique to our sector. The day was organised by PRINZ National Council member Cathy Arrow in her capacity as GA Secretary.

Our brief was to talk in the ‘Leadership’ session on PRINZ and lobbying – namely, the Lobbying Disclosure Bill. Sharing our experience and the New Zealand contect resonated with organisations in countries not afforded the same equal rights and transparent access as we are in New Zealand.

PRINZ was impressed by the Canadian Public Relations Society’s (CPRS) ‘Pathways to the Profession’ CPD model, the PRSA’s response to ethical issues posed by non-members, Brazil’s (ABERJE) corporate communications promotion and Spain’s (DirCom) focus on the CSR function being part of the corporate communications department via its Association DirCom. As well, the UK’s CIPR and its response to Wikipedia conundrum (see the CREWE group on Facebook) and the impressive governance and succession model shared by the IABC.

It also affirmed for me that PRINZ is a leading membership organisation, with a sophisticated provision for members that is world class. ProCom in Finland talks about its members owning the organisation. Like ProCom, PRINZ is your professional association and you are PRINZ. Your support is invested back into the organisation. I invite you to get even more involved and as we undergo Division AGM (March 2013), an annual AGM in May 2013 and will convene working groups and SIG’s on a number of topics, there are many chances to be at the forefront and help create your PRINZ.

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