It always pays to check — sharpen your editing skills ‘Howard Warner’

It always pays to check — sharpen your editing skills with Howard Warner, Plain English People and PRINZ Trainer

“All writers — even the best ones — benefit from good editing.” So said legal-writing guru Joseph Kimble in an article published in this month’s Legal News.

There are obvious benefits to readers too. A well-edited document helps them receive the right messages, navigate and understand complex information — and maybe even enjoy the experience. By contrast, a poorly edited or unedited document detracts from the all-important content. It can also make the originating organisation look unprofessional.

In today’s quality-controlled world, there’s no excuse for slipshod publications. Nothing irritates readers more than shoddy grammar, spelling mistakes, inappropriate tone, unhelpful layout, confusing structure. A good editor knows how to fix these things.

If you want to find out about professional editing and sharpen your editing skills, come along to the PRINZ ‘It Pays to check: Document Editing for Workplaces’ course in Auckland on July 10. You’ll learn techniques and strategies you can apply in your everyday communications work.

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