#prconf12 – Planning presentations for maximum results!

As professional communicators it is our job to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of messages across multiple channels and touch points. Occasionally this includes researching, writing and delivering speeches and presentations. Often these presentations are for others to deliver, but sometimes the buck stops with us.

Can you confidently deliver relevant and persuasive presentations with the same ease you can write copy for print/online? With a community of other professional communicators to share experiences and learn with, Lisa Folland’s conference presentation ‘Planning Presentations for Maximum Results’ (limited to 20 delegates) is a must-attend if you’re a junior/mid-level practitioner wanting to develop this skill.

PRINZ asked Lisa some questions:

What is the secret to successful presenting?
Well crafted words delivered in an engaging and interesting way

How will you help delegates on the day?
We will go through a planning process that ensures messages are accepted, understood and retained by the audience

Do – Plan and rehearse
Don’t – Wing it!

What’s the main thing delegates will take away from the session?
They will have a practical tool that will ensure all future presentations are relevant, persuasive and effective. Using this tool will enable them to plan presentations in a time efficient way, enabling them to then focus on the delivery skills associated with presenting.

About #prconf12

This year’s PRINZ Conference offers a line-up of local and international speakers, including Lisa Folland who will present case studies, research and insights to help you address a changing world as communities reshape.

About Lisa Folland

Lisa has more than 20 years experience as a presenter, facilitator and teacher. She currently works for 6 Degrees, a boutique training and consulting company, with local clients, including Fonterra, Elldex Packaging, ChildFund, APPA, ASB and the NZRPA.

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