Marry up your privacy settings this Leap Year Day

In case you missed it, Google unifies its privacy settings tomorrow, March 1. In videos, explanations, questions and answers, Google has done its best to alert people to the fact that it is changing the way it does things – but that doesn’t mean to say that people are going to like the changes.

What it means in essence is that Google will be joining the dots on all your activity to create a detailed profile of you, your intersection with Google and your actions on the web. Your behaviour will be tracked in order to serve up ‘better ads’ and – in case you were wondering – you can’t opt out. You can either not sign into your accounts or simply stop using Google products altogether, which could prove tricky. Certainly all practitioners should by now have looked at the implications of this latest Google change for their clients or organisations.

Google services are essentially ‘free’ to use. But, like Facebook and other online platforms, the cost of the service is you – your data, your information, your behaviour online. If you’re happy with that trade, great, Happy Googling. If not, best head off to the Data Liberation Front and shift your data fast!

PS: If you feel like you need a catch up on all things online, then the PRiNZ Social Media Boot Camp is in Wellington on March 30  will bring you up to date on some of the major changes that have happened in and around the networks in the last six months – as well as a look forward to what’s coming next. And of course there’s the Facebook Timeline-Brand page announcements to look forward to as well…

Watch Google’s official video:

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