What role do communicators have in shaping and reshaping communities?

In 2011 New Zealand changed irrevocably. At every point communicators were there.

At this year’s PRINZ conference we look back at some of the crises the country faced, and take delegates to the ‘engine room’ of the response. We will also look ahead to new opportunities and communication challenges.

PRINZ invites registration for ‘Our Place Our Space’, our 2012 conference – one not to be missed!

Community is rooted in place, but more and more often it’s online, based around communities of interest, hence the conference theme. Learn more and come closer to answering the question of what role communications and the pr profession have in shaping and reshaping communities.

Delegates will be treated to speakers and thought-leaders of the highest calibre as we take a holistic view of community.

The PRINZ Conference microsite is already filled with great information, headline speakers Jim Macnamara and Andy Ruddock, and more is coming very soon.

If you tweet, use the hashtag #prconf12 and start to build our PRINZ conference community today.

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