2011 – the year of the communicator?

Time Magazine recently named ‘The Protester’ as its person of the year globally. I wonder if inNew Zealandthe person of the year should be ‘The Communicator’.


In a testing year for the country, public relations and communications people have come to the fore. Think of Rena,Christchurch’s earthquakes and, on a more positive note, the 2011 Rugby World Cup.  In all cases pr people were central to the activity.


Those involved were not simply public relations practitioners, in most cases they are also members of PRINZ. Members who support what we do, and by being a member, make a commitment to the profession. A whole-hearted ‘thank you’ from the National Office team for that.


Looking ahead to 2012, it’s a year that I am excited about for PRINZ. We have some new, and existing, initiatives that we’ll be talking about in the New Year. Please feel free to be an active part of your professional body and let us know what you think at any time.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.


Simone Bell

Chief Executive (acting)

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