Global support for Christchurch Communicators

Offers of support, sympathy and condolence have been coming in to PRINZ from around the world as public relations and communications practitioners have reacted to news of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake.

John Paluszek, Chair of the Global Alliance – representing public relations and communications worldwide and of which PRINZ is a founder member – said:

“I write on behalf of your colleagues around the world — members of The Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management — to express our great concern and sympathy on the tragic occasion of the devastation and loss of life incurred from the powerful earthquake in the Christchurch region.

“Media reports document the wrenching damage to life and property with which New Zealanders are now confronted. But we are confident that, as so often in the past, the intrepid spirit of New Zealand will prevail yet again as you re-commit, rebuild and recover.

“I add my personal best wishes especially to the many PRINZ members who were so hospitable during my visit, along with Barbara Desanto, and my appreciation for PRINZ’s ongoing support for The Global Alliance.

Robina Xavier, president of the Public Relations Institute of Australia contacted PRINZ and said:

“It is hard for us to imagine what your members and their families must be going through as you face the incredibly challenging circumstances in Christchurch but please know that our thoughts are with you and should there be anything that we can do to assist, you only need to ask”.

Jane Wilson, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations said:

“Our thoughts are with your members at this terrible time. The news of the Christchurch earthquake, the third tragedy to hit New Zealand in less than a year, was truly shocking”. The CIPR offered their support for members here and for New Zealander members currently in the UK.

As well as the many PRINZ members who have come forward to offer practical help to our Christchurch and Canterbury colleagues currently at the front end of the disaster recovery and crisis communications, international offers of help have also been received from individual practitioners aware of the immense personal and professional load currently being shouldered by those who have been operational since the earthquake struck on Tuesday.

If you are in Christchurch, are involved in a communications role as part of the disaster recovery efforts and need support please contact us – nearly 100 members have provided their details and are ready to help in any way they can.  Call 09 358 9808 – or text or call 021 154 7692.

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