Christchurch Support

Support and help for Christchurch and Canterbury members is available from PRINZ.

Members around the country have lined up to offer practical, communications-specific help to anyone in the affected area who may need it – we appreciate and understand that the many communicators working at the front end of this emergency will be under immense pressure, both professionally and personally and may benefit from extra team members, remote support or other assistance.  Other offers of help including accommodation have been made.

If you need help, call PRINZ on 09 358 9808. Alternatively text or call 0211547692 and we will match your need with those who have come forward to help.

If you would like to offer help and haven’t done so already,  contact the numbers above with your details. Thank you.

Community support details, Civil Defence information, Google People Finder and other resources are available here, and here

Twitter hashtags: #eqnz, #chch

Our thoughts are with everyone in Christchurch after this devastating event.

Kia kaha

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