A Different Outlook

We had some animated and absorbing discussions on the Digital Outlook session in Wellington this week around some of the technologies and developments that will impact on our work as practitioners in the months ahead. There’s a great deal out there beyond Facebook and Twitter and it is only going to get more challenging. Later this month at the Auckland Digital Outlook session, Stephen Knightley – one of TEDx Auckland’s speakers last year – will provide some insight into games, gaming and the significance of this platform to public relations practitioners and communicators which, I suspect, will get a few people thinking.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to share a couple of videos, both of which demonstrate the changes and realities ahead in very different ways. First, this TED talk from Cynthia Breazeal is fascinating because it looks at where we might be going next with robots, realties and the ‘bridges’ between the offline and online worlds. There is some great stuff near the end with children exploring, creating and merging their own virtual and offline  worlds.

The second video was created by Rio Akasaka, a Stanford CS grad student. It shows 24 hours of realtime streaming of geolocated tweets sent around the subject of Mubarak’s resignation – it’s  a great infographic that shows the rapidity and spread of information – and it’s a very clever piece of work. On his Vimeo channel, he has also added a very neat ‘Good Morning’ stream that shows good morning tweets across the world – if you have an extra minute or two, it’s worth a watch and will certainly raise a smile.

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