Have you got what it takes in a crisis?

The world has seen its fair share of significant, scary and sobering events this year – not least in Christchurch with the 7.1 quake and its 2000-plus aftershocks.  Communicators in Christchurch have been deeply involved with handling crisis communication for nearly two months now – but how would the rest of us fare?

Early in November – November 9 to be precise – members can take part in a live crisis simulation, being run for PRINZ Northern Region by Control Risks.  Those attending will be split into groups and handed a crisis to deal with – an invaluable experience as you just never know when something is going to break.

I’m not sure of the actual odds these days, but there is a strong likelihood that every practitioner will have to handle at least one crisis during their career.  Running a live simulation is a fantastic learning experience as it gives you a taste of what to expect, the kind of leadership skills you’ll need – and test a whole range of abilities you may not even know you possess!

This PRINZ event is a companion event to the earlier presentation by some of the communicators directly involved in the Christchurch earthquake. The session is a great opportunity – especially for those based in Auckland who will only have to nip down the road to attend.  If you’ve not been on the frontline as yet, you’ll get some great insights and, if you’ve been through the experience for real, then you’ll appreciate it never hurts to practice, particularly as each crisis is unique in its communication challenges.

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