Newsrooms are not shrinking, only “changing”!

A panel comprising journalists and PR practitioners discussed the issues surrounding the changing media landscape at a recent northern networking event organised by PRINZ.  Miriyana Alexander from Fairfax media argued that the newsrooms are not shrinking but simply changing with stories having a high turnaround rate. She felt that those in the print media need to shift their focus towards making their product “different”. 

In terms of the role of public relations, Paul Patrick from TVNZ advised the practitioners to pitch only ‘newsworthy’ stories to the journalists and felt that even in the times of social media, traditional channels  like television are still going strong. Belinda Nash, who is a prolific Tweeter and AUT’s communication manager also agreed that PR practitioners should consider whether their stories are print worthy or not before they talk to journalists. She felt that the speed with which editors are expected to produce content often leads to time pressures and authenticity issues. Helen Sissons, who is an ex-BBC journalist and senior lecturer at AUT felt that the changing media consumption habits of the people are increasingly impacting both news media and PR. Chris Mirams from Westpac added that the Gen Y is playing a major role in chanelising this change as they expect “instant news”.

To view all the videos from the event, visit our YouTube channel:

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