Global chorus, global views – one voice?

If you are looking for something a little uplifting before the weekend, can I suggest you hare over to the World Public Relations Forum site and take in a few of the presentations available on webcast – and I would particularly recommend the ‘starter’ – a fantastic choral presentation ‘The World as a Network’. If you are pressed for time, then I suggest you skip on to Mervyn King’s outstanding presentation, Stakeholder Relationships in the New Economy which outlines the future role for public relations and communication’s practitioners worldwide; an independent voice that closes the gap between the organisation and its stakeholders. Mervyn King acted as chairman of the King Report Committee and chairman of the Global Reporting Initiative. Whichever sessions you choose to watch, each one presents a great ‘professional-development-from-your-desktop opportunity’.

Over at PR Conversations, you will find a round up of some of the Forum highlights, including reflections on The Stockholm Accords and this intriguing conversation between Toni Muzi Falconi and Mervyn King, centred on some of the points from King’s presentation.

The Swedish Public Relations Association along with The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, created an outstanding event which, thankfully, we can all access some part of and learn from in some way.  Making the presentations freely available during the conference to anyone worldwide, and again after the event, has done nothing to diminish the benefits to those who were able to attend in person as there was much activity that couldn’t be covered by the webcast. What it has done is facilitate a sharing and understanding of some of the current global thinking in both the practice and theory of public relations as well as the development and ratification of the Stockholm Accords.

Congratulations – and thanks – to all those involved in the construction and sharing of this event. The bar has been raised very high for the next WPRF in 2012. Can’t wait!

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