WANTED: Social Media Case Studies and Opinion Pieces.

7916_case_exampleDoing something with social media or online communities? PRism journal wants your input. You can submit multi-media pieces, PowerPoint presentations, case studies including screen-shots, links, video, or photos. Anything that helps build our understanding of how social media are being used in public relations is welcome.

PRism is an online, free-access public relations research journal. It aims to cross the divide between academic theory and real-world application, but we need your help to keep up the ‘real world’ end of the conversation by submitting case studies to supplement the academic pieces.

You can read and download all of the public relations resources on PRism for free (see here). In particular PRinz members might be interested in the special issue on evaluation, (here) plus you might also find our ‘links’ section useful.

We are open to case studies on all public relations-related topics, at any time (see our general call for contributions here, or to contribute directly to the social media special issue, see the special call here. We also welcome multimedia items for all issues.

Feel free to email Elspeth Tilley at any time with any questions about anything on or to do with PRism journal.

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