Twitt@mentary takes off

twitter_logoPeople tend to either love or hate Twitter. They either get it – or they don’t. When I introduced Twitter to PRINZ delegates just after its launch a few years ago, most people in the room seemed to think I had completely lost the plot. I am happy to report that these days even delegates on the ‘starter’ digital communications sessions are running their own accounts and no longer look at me as if I was the Mad Hatter when we work through applications and their uses.

Most people working in public relations and communications have caught up with the value of microblogging platforms and, even if not active users themselves, realise the vast application potential for  listening, monitoring, engaging, talking or crisis communication (to name but a few).

This week I stumbled over a ‘Twitt@mentary’ being produced by filmmaker Tan Siok Siok (@sioksiok) in Singapore which you might find interesting.  Her resulting film will follow the global ’36’ hour day, presenting stories that answer the question ‘How has Twitter changed your life’.  As is the way with all things social media, participation is the key and anyone is invited to post their own story, or ideas for a story, on the site for consideration. When complete, the film will be available under creative commons licence.

Personally, I will be looking forward to the release as I think it will highlight some of the ways that platforms like Twitter move forward the business of building and sustaining relationships – our primary function – as well as providing some great examples of digital storytelling, a skills area that most practitioners need to develop if they are going to be fully equipped to do their jobs in the years ahead.

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