Is text-driving the new drink-driving?

By Romy

I found this video online, and personally I find it to be absloutely horrendous. I am going to warn you before you watch it, it is very shocking. We are used to having advertisements on our televisions warning us of the dangers of drink-driving, but with the new law coming in to ban texting while driving, effective from November 1, should there be more reminders to us of the danger we are putting ourselves in? The below is a British video, which displays vividly the dangers of text-driving. It also hits home to the younger generation (I think), who have not had to learn how to text as well as drive – texting comes more naturally to us than our parents generation, and we think we are not at risk of the dangers of text-driving.

2 thoughts on “Is text-driving the new drink-driving?

  1. Romy, I watched this video today for the first time. Certainly it’s a graphic way of getting a message across and illustrates the point with brutal simplicity. The fact that the video has gone so viral does not surprise me. A great way to reach the audience through a medium they understand.

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