Brands, in good taste and bad!

By Deepti
Cadbury is back with cocoa, and its back with a bang. After settling the palm oil controversy, it is now trying to make consumers go sweet on it again. The chocolate brand is looking at having its Dairy Milk chocolates sold under the Fairtrade logo by next Easter. This is following its international commitment with Fairtrade, which ensures fair minimum prices for farmers. The timing is impeccable. The brand goes on to show that it not only cares about its consumers but also the community at large. Can’t complain anymore or can you?

Next up is BNZ. It is closing down on November 4 (yes all 5000 of its staff!!!) but for good. BNZ is asking people to make suggestions about community projects that it can help them for. Online and phone banking will still be available but most of the staff will be out there helping people like you and me. BNZ has created a whole website to promote the day and is also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It does sound like a great idea and at least I feel a little better about having a BNZ account. Thumbs up or down…what say?
2808135[1]Now for the ones that didn’t quite get it right. Microsoft had to bow its head in shame when it digitally altered a black man’s image on its Polish website. So far Microsoft has only said that it will ‘investigate’ the matter and has apologized for the ‘mistake’ (read ‘blunder’). It’s funny how US can have Obama as the president and a leading IT company promote racism at the same time. Not good…and surely not good for Microsoft’s so far international image. Your take?
And finally we come to Hell. Not literally. Hell pizza thought it was being really witty by putting up an ad that says, “at least our brownie won’t eat your pet dog”. An anti racist group, Socialist Aotearoa, obviously didn’t see any irony, pun or wit in this and launched its own anti Hell crusade. The outlet on Auckland’s Quay street will face a blockade and picket on Friday, 28 August and they have even marked the event of Facebook. Ouch! Let’s see where that one goes…but personally I did feel that this ad was in particularly bad taste and clearly bad PR for the brand otherwise known for its clever stuff. That’s it now for the good CSR and the bad PR…till some other brands don’t do anything superb or silly.

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