Are you a prosumer?

By Romy

After watching this video, the idea that was brought up in my mind was Jean Baudrillard’s theory on Simulacrum. What is the world turning to? It seems everything is moving online, which we can already see today with stories like this one – the news of Micheal Jackson’s death breaking on Twitter.

‘The power of the masses’ – I particularly like this quote. It seems the tightly held reins are being taken out of the hands of a select few, much more quickly than ever anticipated. The new generation boasts the ‘prosumer’; we who are both producers and consumers of media. It is both exciting and scary. Exciting that the control is in our hands, but the concepts brought up in this video, such as ‘memory-trading’, seem pretty out of this world and scary.

It seems the predictions of where we are headed are, literally, out of this world – as the video predicts in 2050 we will be searching for ‘a new world’.

The media has gone such rapid change, and the way we communicate seems to be following suit. What do you think of the new ‘prosumer’? I like the idea of getting knowledge from a more local or organic source, rather than it being filtered to what ‘the man’ wants me to know or believe. Of course, this definitely leaves space for error, but it seems in the new-media generation we are more willing to put ourselves out there and have to go back and change something we may get wrong – rather than being afraid to publish ourselves in the first place.

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